Daily Piece

Affirmation Cards

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The Daily Piece Affirmation card deck is divinely designed to increase your inner peace, grow in gratitude, and envision a life guided by self-love on a daily basis. It is meant to support your daily self-care rituals (ex. meditation, yoga, journaling) at any time of the day or when you are in deep self-doubt mode and need to guide your mental health back on a more positive direction.

Each card has its own unique affirmation statements and mantras paired with a peaceful illustration. Keep them on your nightstand, office desk, car, or even put them on your wall as art.

  • Includes 30 affirmation cards and brand box
  • Build a new habit by choosing one or even a couple of cards and repeat them to yourself as loudly or quietly as you like each day. I personally like to journal the statements to put them out in the universe and envision those words in my mind.